Welcome to Grow Your Own (GYO) in Denver, Colorado.

Since our opening in 2007, we have been one of Colorado’s premier hydroponic and scientific grow supply stores. We stock thousands of products to help you with all of your hydroponic and high-tech gardening needs.

Whether you need help getting started with an entry level hydroponic system, need help getting the most out of your organic garden, or need an extensive irrigation and lighting system for a commercial growing facility or green house, no set up is too big or too small. We have the products and expertise that you need to succeed!

We proudly carry products from HydroFarm, BWGS, Humbolt Wholesale, DL Wholesale, Sunlight Supply and DFW/FarmTek. We carry many products from Blue lab, Hortilux, Can Fan Group and Custom Automated Products, as well as the best of the best in nutritional needs for your growing ambitions!

We have a variety of nutrient lines including but not limited to: House & Garden, Botanicare, Adavanced Nutrients , Mad Farmer, Fox Farm, Aptus, and General Hydroponics. Call today for more information or just stop on by and see what we have to offer.