SEEDS OF CHANGE™ Organic Sugar Pod 2 Snow Pea Seeds

Jul 20, 2020

Welcome to Grow Your Own, your ultimate destination for organic gardening supplies. Here at Grow Your Own, we take pride in offering the finest selection of high-quality seeds, including the SEEDS OF CHANGE™ Organic Sugar Pod 2 Snow Pea Seeds. Whether you're an experienced gardener or just starting out, these seeds will ensure a successful and delicious harvest.

The Benefits of Growing Organic

Organic gardening has gained immense popularity over the years, and for good reason. By choosing organic seeds, you can be confident that you're growing produce that is free from harmful pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. SEEDS OF CHANGE™ Organic Sugar Pod 2 Snow Pea Seeds are USDA-certified organic, meaning they have been grown and harvested without the use of any synthetic chemicals. This not only benefits your health but also helps protect the environment.

Product Details

The SEEDS OF CHANGE™ Organic Sugar Pod 2 Snow Pea Seeds are carefully selected for their exceptional quality and germination rates. Each package contains nutrient-rich seeds that are ready to be sown in your garden or containers. Snow peas are a popular choice among gardeners for their sweet flavor and crisp texture.


  • High-quality organic seeds
  • USDA-certified
  • Rich in nutrients
  • Sweet flavor and crisp texture
  • Easy to grow
  • Perfect for stir-fries, salads, and snacking

Growing Instructions

SEEDS OF CHANGE™ Organic Sugar Pod 2 Snow Pea Seeds are easy to grow, even for beginners. Follow these simple steps to ensure a successful harvest:

  1. Prepare the soil by removing any weeds and adding compost for nutrients.
  2. Sow the seeds directly in well-draining soil, spacing them about 2 inches apart.
  3. Water thoroughly after planting and keep the soil consistently moist.
  4. Provide support for the plants to climb, such as trellises or stakes.
  5. Monitor for pests and take necessary measures to protect your plants.
  6. Harvest the snow peas when the pods are plump and the peas inside are fully formed.

Why Choose Grow Your Own?

At Grow Your Own, we are dedicated to providing gardening enthusiasts with the highest-quality organic seeds and supplies. Our commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction sets us apart from the competition. When you choose Grow Your Own, you can expect:

  • A wide range of organic seeds to suit all your gardening needs
  • Fast and reliable shipping
  • Exceptional customer service and support
  • Expert advice and resources to help you succeed

Don't wait any longer! Order your SEEDS OF CHANGE™ Organic Sugar Pod 2 Snow Pea Seeds today and start growing your own delicious and nutritious snow peas. Join the organic gardening revolution with Grow Your Own - your trusted partner in all things gardening.

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Oct 4, 2023
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Sep 16, 2023
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May 11, 2023
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Apr 16, 2023
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Feb 17, 2023
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It's great to see a focus on organic gardening. Excited to start growing these Sugar Pod 2 Snow Pea seeds!
Jan 11, 2023
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The SEEDS OF CHANGE™ Organic Sugar Pod 2 Snow Pea Seeds are a great addition to any garden!
Jul 25, 2022
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I'm excited to start planting these high-quality snow pea seeds. Thanks for the recommendation!
May 27, 2022
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The Organic Sugar Pod 2 Snow Pea Seeds are perfect for my organic garden. Can't wait to see these beauties growing!
Dec 17, 2021
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Dec 5, 2021
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Jul 31, 2021
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May 26, 2021
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May 15, 2021
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Feb 20, 2021
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Feb 15, 2021
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Aug 30, 2020
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